Our Celebrants

The following people have successfully graduated from our training and certification course:

Al Harder - Serving Waterloo Ontario

Al Howse - Serving Durham Region Ontario

Alex Schiappa - Serving GTA & Golden Horseshoe

Andrena Misener - Serving Niagara Falls Region Ontario

Ann LeClair - Serving Sarnia Ontario

Anne Longtin - Serving Maitland Ontario

Barb Phillips - Serving Norththumberland Ontario

Cailin Haveman - Serving Peterborough Ontario

Carol Peterson - Serving Guelph Ontario

Carrie Claxton - Serving Hamilton Ontario

Cathy Davis - Serving Niagara Ontario

Cheryl Peterson - Rivet - Serving Dufferin and Simcoe Counties Ontario

Cynthia Cheng - Serving Toronto

Darlene Kneller - Serving Red Deer Alberta

Dave Rektor - Serving London Ontario

Davin Pennant - Serving Toronto Ontario

Dawn Quantrell - Serving Quinte Ontario

Dean Kennedy - Serving Brampton Ontario

Deb Young - Serving Tillsonburg & Woodstock Ontario

Debbie MacDonald Moynes - Serving Qunite Region Ontario

Deborah Raymond - Serving Belleville Ontario

Dennise Scheerer - Serving Stratford Ontario

Diane kane - Serving Barrie Ontario

Dixie Darling - Serving Red Deer Alberta

Elaine Tonn - Serving Brantford Ontario

Gail Malcolm - Serving London Ontario

Garry Burns - Serving Lindsay Ontario

Garry Francis - Serving Durham Ontario

Glen Kneller - Serving Red Deer Alberta

Gord Tetley - Serving Chatham Ontario

Grant Shenker - Serving Hamilton Ontario

Herman Overdijk - Serving York Region Ontario

Holly Dreger - Serving Brooklin Ontario

James MacNeil - Serving Chatham Ontario

Jamie Coffin - Serving London Ontario

Jeff Hicks - Serving London Ontario

Jennifer Davis - Serving Waterloo Ontario

Jessica Doherty - Serving Hamilton Ontario

Jim Hetherington - Serving Cambridge Ontario

John Shore - Serving Burlington/Oakville Ontario

Judy-Lynn Hern - Serving Toronto Ontario

Julia Speaker - Serving Calgary Alberta

Kate Sparling - Serving Georgian Triangle Ontario

Kathie Penny - Serving Edmonton Alberta

Kelly Stern - Serving Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington Ontario

Kelly Wilson - Serving Quinte Ontario

Kevin-Joel Coupland - Serving Peel Ontario

Kris Martin - Serving St. Catherine's Ontario

Krista Brenner - Serving Kitchener Ontario

Linda Barrette - Serving Calgary Alberta

Lindsey Muir - Serving Calgary Alberta

Lisa Pearson - Serving Alliston Ontario

Margrit Voisin - Serving Durham/Haliburton/Kawartha Ontario

Marietta Seargeant - Serving Winnipeg Manitoba

Martti Pajunen - Serving Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario

Mary-Ann Hendrikx - Serving Strathroy Ontario

Michelle Angove - Serving Ontario

Mike Dias - Serving Courtland Ontario

Nicole Hanson - Serving GTA - Ontario

Nola Wilson - Serving Peterborough County Ontario

Patrick Siedlecki - Lethbridge Alberta

Pete Olver - Serving Sarnia Ontario

Peter Hammond - Serving Ottawa Ontario

Peter Smeltzer - Serving London Ontario

Rosanne Prevett - Serving Southern Ontario

Sandi Piitz - Nelles - Serving Caledon Ontario

Sandra Coombe - Serving Ontario

Sarah Hines - Serving Toronto Ontario

Scott Dakin - Serving Windsor Ontario

Scott Holmes - Serving Georgian Triangle Ontario

Sean Voisin - Serving Durham/Haliburton/Kawartha Ontario

Steve Rogers - Wiarton Ontario

Sue Olver - Serving Sarnia Ontario

Susanne Pretty - Serving Barrie Ontario

Tammy Morgan - Serving Cranbrook British Columbia

Thelma Shore - Serving Burlington/Oakville Ontario

Tina Dias - Serving Courtland Ontario

Tracy Richards - Serving Toronto Ontario

Trish Gillman - Serving Lindsay Ontario

Trish Heidebrecht - Serving Niagara Ontario

Wayne Prevett - Serving Southern Ontario

Wayne Wright - Serving Toronto Ontario