“I had been twenty-five years in Pastoral Ministry and had conducted many funerals in that time, but the training I received from the Certified Celebrants Association took me to a whole new level of connecting with grieving families and helping them celebrate their loved one. Now I approach every funeral with confidence and a passion to serve people in their time of greatest need. The training is also preparing me to help families celebrate other important events and transitions of life.” 

“As a long-time Life Celebrant and Officiant, I have appreciated the training, coaching and commitment to excellence that is at the heart of the Certified Celebrants Association. This has taken my service to individuals and families to a new level of care and confidence.

My training with CCAOC was phenomenal. I have been able to touch people’s lives in a time of testing and grief that is personal. It has given me the tools that I needed and the confidence to approach each situation with sensitivity and care. The training I received as a Wedding Officiant goes beyond what I ever expected and has prepared me for each unique wedding situation I am involved in helping couples create a wedding beyond their expectations and one of excellence.

I had the pleasure of having my Funeral Celebrant Training with CCAOC and its team of experts. I found the entire experience to be very fulfilling, and I learned so much about the industry and the upcoming changes.Thank you to Rosanne and Wayne for their life changing and professional training they both gave, you both have changed my life path. Thank you so much for being so inspirational.

Wayne, I am not sure if you remember me or not, but I took your training in London this past May. Since then I have been asked by several funeral homes to perform funeral ceremonies. Wow what an experience! As a licensed funeral director for many years it sure gives a different perspective on the whole funeral service. Once I got through the first one, the second was a little easier and so on.  I remember that Roseanne said it will take about 200 to be totally comfortable. I have a long way to go but feel I am on my way. I am also glad that I do have a funeral background to answer questions that the family have asked, but again that has taken years to get that experience. Anyway thanks again and I am very glad that I have taken my career in this direction.

To begin with, I would like to say that the course went well above my expectations. If I remember correctly, the expectations I had were to learn and understand more of the finer nuances of the funeral and end of life related businesses, including understanding some of the terminology which most people confuse. Not only did I learn a considerable amount specific to how the industry works, but I also learned how a third party provider, such as Celebrating Life Ministries can interact with this business. While I have conducted funerals in the past, the material presented and the practical application of some of that material gave me a whole new insight on how to properly provide services to the industry itself as well as those who are grieving a loss. Thank you to you and your whole team.